<B>Mine and IED Simulators

Pneumatically operated, non-pyro, Mine Simulators from our Military and Law Enformence Division Gun F/X Tactical Development, are the most practical, and cost effective land mine, and IED trainers ever! Constructed of 6061 T-6 Aluminum with a matte black anodized finish. Mines and IEDs can be filled with liquids or powders for marking or simulated effects. Available in pressure detonation, trip wire, or remote detonation versions. These mines are reliable and reusable. Please contact us for details @ (386) 437-3375 or sales@gunfx.com .

<B>M-14 Mine Sim
M-14 Mine Sim

<B>M-16 Mine Sim
M-16 Mine Sim

<B>M-14 Mine Sim Kit
M-14 Mine Sim Kit

<B>M-16 Mine Sim Kit
M-16 Mine Sim Kit

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M-14 in Action!

<B>M-14-DC Daisy Chain Kit
M-14-DC Daisy Chain Kit

<b>M-16 Upgrade Kit
M-16 Upgrade Kit

<B>M-14 Plunger Upgrade
M-14 Plunger Upgrade

<b>M-14/16 Burst Caps
M-14/16 Burst Caps

<B>M-14 Daisy Chain Adapter
M-14 Daisy Chain Adapter

<B>12 gram CO2 Cartridge
12 gram CO2 Cartridge

<B>IED Remote Adapter
IED Remote Adapter

<B>Remote Detonation Kits
Remote Detonation Kits

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