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It's finally here. The new Vertical Feed Sleeper 2002! The 2002 version of our popular Sleeper boasts all of the award winning features of the original with an all new Vertical Feed system. The feed adapter screws off to allow for multiple adapters including our all new paent pending Collet System. Available soon in several of our popular Ultra Satin colors, as well as Ultra Nickel.

**Please note that since f/x Sleepers use the STO low pressure internals, you really should add a secondary regulator for optimum performance. We didn't automatically include it because it bumps the price, and if you already have a regulator, or want one other than the Nickel Worr Games "Ergo", or PMI "Pure Energy" that we offer, we thought we'd let you make the decision. OK?

Regular price: $599.95Sale price: $549.95
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