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The Pro-Series Care Kit consists of our award winning barrel and goggle care products. Order them individually or as a complete kit for even greater savings ($19.95)!

Pro-Clean - The first step in keeping your barrel at its best. Foaming detergent with special additives is safe for all parts ($4.95).

Pro-Plus - Independently proven to improve accuracy! Formulated to gently remove gelatin and other residue which affect barrel performance. Leaves a protective coating to help prevent future buildup ($5.95).

Pro-View - Formulated to gently clean and polish goggles while leaving a crystal clear anti-fog coating that will outlast the others ($7.95)!

Pro-Wash Barrel Brush - Perfect with Pro-Clean & Pro-Plus to keep your barrel performing at its best (not shown) ($6.95).

We are TEMPORARILY OUT of Barrel Care Products as a result of our warehouse relocation but will have them back in stock soon.

starting at$4.95
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