<b>VM68/PMI-3 Parts and Accesories

We have purchased the entire VM68/PMI-3 parts inventories of several large distributors. We stock more O.E.M. parts and accessories for VM/PMI-3 than any other single source in the World. We are currently updating our inventory, but will be glad to check on availability if you e-mail us @ sales@proteamproducts.com. Orders can be placed by email and we will be happy to send a PayPal invoice. **Please note that there is NO direct online ordering option. You can also find a partial list of available VM parts and accessories in our eBay store under AKZ Tactical.

Please check back updates. Everything on this list is in stock as of January 14, 2023 - unless otherwise noted. *NEW PARTS ADDED!

Armson Pro-Series Barrels - 39.95 - See Armson Barrel pages

Armson Stealth Barrels - 49.95 - See Armson Barrel ages

VM Upper Bolt (wih O-Rings) - Contact us

VM Upper Bolt O-Ring (requires 4) - $1.00

VM Lower Bolt (with Factory o-ring) - $30.00

VM Valve (with o-rings) - $25.00

VM Valve Stem - $15.00

VM Valve Tool - $14.00

VM Side Plates (new style plastic) - $14.00 per set

VM Sight Rail (Black Anodized) - $14.00

VM "Sharkgill" Sight Rail (Silver) - $20.00

VM "Sharkgill" Sight Rail (Polished Black) - $24.00

VM Trigger Frame Assembly - Complete - $45.00

VMX/CAR68 Style Trigger Guard (Small) - $15.00

VM Hammer/Bolt Connecting Pin (upgraded part) - $5.00

VM Main Spring Guide (Black Oxide Coated) - $12.00

VM Main Spring Contact us.

Grip Attachment Block - $20.00

VM Rear Plug - Upper - $6.00

VM Rear Plug - Lower - $8.00

VM Ball Feed Assy (no Feed Fingers) - $25.00

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