<b>VM68/PMI-3 Parts and Accesories

We have purchased the entire VM68/PMI-3 parts inventories of several large distributors. We stock more O.E.M. parts and accessories for VM/PMI-3 than any other single source in the World. We have done our best to compile a complete list of available parts, but will be glad to check on availability if you e-mail us @ sales@proteamproducts.com with your needs for anything not listed. Orders can be placed by email and we will be happy to send a PayPal invoice.

Please check back updates. Everything on this list is in stock as of July 21, 2022 - unless otherwise noted.

Armson Pro-Series Barrels - 39.95 - See Armson Barrel pages

Armson Stealth Barrels - 49.95 - See Armson Barrel ages

VM Upper Bolt (wih O-Rings) - $20.00

VM Upper Bolt O-Ring (requires 4) - $1.00

VM Valve Tool - $12.00

VM Side Plates (new style plastic) - $12.00 per set

VM Sight Rail (Black Anodized) - $16.00

VM "Sharkgill" Sight Rail (Silver) - $24.00

VM "Sharkgill" Sight Rail (Polished Black) - $24.00

VM Trigger Frame Assembly - Complete - $45.00

VM Trigger Guard (Full Size) - $12.00

VMX/CAR68 Style Trigger Guard (Small) - $14.00


VM Hammer/Bolt Connecting Pin (upgraded part) - $4.00

VM Main Spring Guide (Black Oxide Coated) - $6.00

Grip Attachment Block - $20.00

VM Rear Plug - Upper - $6.00

VM Rear Plug - Lower - $8.00

VM Ball Feed Assy (no Feed Fingers) - $25.00

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