Factory Overstocks/Close Outs

These are NEW, FIRST QUALITY, Overstocks, Closeouts or Special Buys. We DO NOT sell used, damaged, or second quality products! We are a manufacturer, and do occasionally overbuild and/or discontinue certain products. Our Overstocks and Closeout section offers many once-in-a-lifetime deals on some of the best quality products in paintball. Please check back periodically for more great deals.

<b>Armson Pro-Series Barrels
Armson Pro-Series Barrels

Regular price: $69.95
Sale price: $39.95
<b>VM68/PMI-3 Parts and Accessories
VM68/PMI-3 Parts and Accessories

<b>Tippmann Model 98 Powerfeed
Tippmann Model 98 Powerfeed

<B>A-5 f/x SD Flatline Shroud
A-5 f/x SD Flatline Shroud

Regular price: $39.95
Sale price: $23.95
<B> A-5 Rf/x Scenario Series Rifled Barrel
A-5 Rf/x Scenario Series Rifled Barrel

<B>ASR-1 Sight Rail
ASR-1 Sight Rail

Regular price: $39.95
Sale price: $16.95
<B>Armson Stealth Overstock
Armson Stealth Overstock

Regular price: $79.95
Sale price: $46.95

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